Like every youth baseball player, Cory Burke had managed to ding himself up a few times playing the game that he loved, and he knew what it was like to take the field feeling less than 100%.

This one was different.
Cory had tried his best to play out the 2012 season through shoulder discomfort, but the nagging soreness and arm fatigue refused to go away.  Finally, an x-ray revealed a stress fracture, and everyone figured that with physical therapy and rest, Cory would be back on the diamond in no time at all.
But the bone was slow to heal.  It was serious: Cory's doctors had discovered a tumor.
Within days, 12 year-old Cory and his family found themselves at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.  Cory was officially diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer), and quickly began his first round of chemotherapy.  Radiation treatment followed a few months later, and for many cycles, he underwent both.  It was a difficult road, but after nearly a year of treatment, the cancer cells that landed Cory on the disabled list appear to be gone. Cory's journey is far from over, but his prognosis is excellent, and his future remains bright.
This site is an evolving project of support for the Burke family, as they struggle to keep life as normal as possible for Cory while he battles this difficult disease.
Cory may be behind in the count, but the expertise of his doctors and the love and compassion of his family, friends and community will keep Cory strong and ready for extra innings.